SERDC Mandate

SERDC was incorporated and recognized in 1978. It is formal unification of nine (9) member First Nations in the southeastern portion of Manitoba. The Tribal Council is accountable to approximately 11,000 members under the leadership of its nine First Nation Councils.

As a political and administrative organization, SERDC is designed and mandated to facilitate the development of local control and responsibility of programs and services to member First Nations by: 

  • Providing a mechanism whereby SERDC can develop the administrative and managerial skills necessary to assist each First Nation institute and deliver local services at its own pace and in tune with each First Nation’s level of development. 
  • Providing a mechanism whereby SERDC can ensure that services are equitably and effectively delivered to each First Nation. 
  • Providing a mechanism whereby SERDC can assist the First Nations to develop a capacity for local services, making them less dependent on INAC or the Tribal Council in matters of local concern and responsibility.

    SERDC is governed by the Chiefs of its member community who serve as its Executive. Through its Executive and Administrative staff, plus a complement of some 250 full-time employees located throughout its (5) five subsidiary companies, the organization oversees an estimated annual budget of $32 million.
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