Shawano Wapunong

For year-ending September 30, 2006


  • Shawano-Wapunong Building Inc. was incorporated as a private corporation under the Corporations Act of Manitoba and began operations in October 1982.
  • Shawano-Wapunong Building Inc. is owned and operated equally by the nine First Nations of SERDC.
  • Shawano-Wapunong Building Inc. is dedicated exclusively to the economic development of its shareholders by placing long-term strategic investments in the mainstream economy which provides a reasonable return, generates wealth, and provides a solid foundation for First Nations’ economic development and self-government initiatives.


    At present, Shawano’s assets are comprised of the following real estate:

  • 360 Broadway Avenue 
  • SERDC Hangars at St. Andrews Airport 
  • 208 Edmonton St. 
  • Parking Lot at 384 Broadway Avenue   
  • Southeast College at 1301 Lee Blvd.



  • Arctic Beverages
  • First Canadian Health (NIHB) based in Toronto, ON
  • 5% of First Nations Bank of Canada
  • 10.2% of Larter’s Golf Course
  • 21% of Perimeter Airlines
  • 51% of Radisson Hotel
  • 20% of Bieber Securities
  • 2.5% of MTS Centre
  • 20% of Big Freight Systems Inc.
  • First Canadian Fuels Ltd.
  • 10% of Westfield Properties
  • 10% of Paragon Pharmacy Inc.

  • 100% of Players Golf Course, Winnipeg
  • 20.4% of Larter’s Golf Course, Winnipeg
  • 10.2% of Meadows Golf Course
  • 21% of Lake of the Sandhills Golf Course, Buffalo Point


    Shawano-Wapunong has provided direct and indirect financial benefits such as cash returns to SERDC First Nations and Capital Loans and Loan Guarantees to:

  • Poplar River Nursing Residence
  • Poplar River Health Facility
  • Pauingassi Nursing Station
  • Berens River Health Facility
  • Southeast College
  • Players Golf Course
  • Wa-Wa-Taik Building Supplies Ltd.
  • Wasenikan Window Manufacturing Ltd.
  • Barge at Berens River First Nation
  • Bloodvein Nursing Station
  • Buffalo Point First Nation Golf Course
  • South Beach Casino
  • Black River First Nation 8-Unit CMHC Project
  • Berens River First Nation CMHC RRAP Project
  • Hollow Water First Nation CMHC Housing Project

    Shawano-Wapunong has provided Administrative Loans to:

  • Poplar River First Nation
  • Little Grand Rapids First Nation
  • Bloodvein First Nation
  • Hollow Water First Nation
  • Black River First Nation
  • Brokenhead Ojibway Nation
  • Pauingassi First Nation
  • Berens River First Nation
  • Buffalo Point First Nation


    The establishment and development of this company and its financial performance and financial strength over the past 20 years have provided the nine First Nations owners with the financial strength to provide both the direct and indirect benefits to the shareholding communities.

    The continued growth of the company and, more importantly, as a result of this growth, the potential for major long-term financial and service benefits to the shareholding communities depends upon patience by the shareholders in foregoing quick cash returns from this business. As has been shown by the past years' operating performances and asset growth identifying and then investing in market, sound investments can create considerable future value for the shareholders.

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