Student Services (SESS)

A Division of the Southeast Resource Development Council Corp.  
We will explore S.E.S.S.’s operational effectiveness since its inception, how S.E.S.S. operates today, and how it proposes to function in the future. Management and Staff of the Southeast Student Services (S.E.S.S.), maintain to this day that the primary purpose for our existence is the overall development and support to our students...our future leaders.   At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then they begin to hope it can be done, then they see it can be done, then it is done and all the world wonder why it was not done centuries before.”   Frances Hodgson Burnett, 19th Century American Writer.  Southeast Student Services (S.E.S.S.) was established to …To support the education advancement of eligible members of SERDC in gaining full access to post-secondary institutions and to graduate with the necessary skills and competencies required to purse individual careers, thus contributing to the overall achievement of their self-worth and self-reliance.   
Southeast Student Services (S.E.S.S.) provides direct financial assistance, social supports, as well as academic and career counseling for students entering regular  High School and Vocational Program; University/ College Entrance Program (UCEP); University / Professional Training Programs (UTP); as well as a variety of clerical and technical programs.   
Southeast Student Services (S.E.S.S.) also provides funding for students who are registered in out-of-province academic institutions.   All programs are funded by Indian & Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) with funds distributed among 7 (seven) First Nations of the SERDC region and administered based on qualifications and funds available at the Local Education Committee level.   
The vision of the Southeast Student Services (S.E.S.S.), is to establish and support education advancement of members of the Southeast Resource Development Council Corp., in gaining full access to post-secondary institutions and to graduate with the necessary skills and competencies required to pursue individual careers thus, contributing to the overall achieve their self-worth and self-reliance.   
We strive to continually provide the highest standards of professional learning environment to assist them in the fulfillment of their personal goals, desires, and achievements. Our dedication to the well-being of the individuals and the promotion of their fullest potential is our number one priority.   
To encourage and support eligible bands members at attaining maximum educational opportunities in their respective careers. To assist students to reach their full potential at becoming self-reliant.  To ensure all funded students understand all exception, obligations and responsibilities during their tenure as students s established by their Local Education Committees, Southeast Student Services (S.E.S.S.), INAC and all associated Post-Secondary Institutions.  
In its informative years, Southeast Student Services (S.E.S.S.) program evolved as a more informal educational delivery agent operating out of an antiquated office with a small complimentary staff who had other programs to administer. Staff carried out their duties on a more crisis-oriented basis. One must bear in mind, that this was also a period of incubation for the newly established parent entity, the Southeast Resource Development Council Corp. (SERDC). 
Communities were then encouraged to delegate who they could find at the time to act as contact person and to maintain dialogue with the Head Office insofar as student advisory services were concerned  Funding was provided more or less on a “first come, first served” basis with Post-Secondary programs falling under one big umbrella group, which were then geared more towards the Vocational Trades at Tec-Voc and then called “Red River Community College”, which in now known simply as Red River College.   In the middle years, as staff had become more trained and astute in a variety of Post-Secondary pursuits, more and more students from the SERDC First Nations were encouraged to enroll in the Arts Programs at the three major provincial universities.   
Today, students enjoy the comforts of a “state of the art” central office with modern convenience such as fax machines, Internet Access, Home Placement opportunities, as well as “top notch” tutoring and counseling services, all in a relaxed atmosphere.  Students now have a wide selection of programs, courses, and academic institutions to choose from ranging from B.S.W. Programs, Community Wellness, Child & Family Services and Financial Management Certificate and Diploma Programs, BUNTEP and PENT Teach Educational training programs, as well as all the Arts, Sciences Undergraduate, and Graduate Programs at their disposal. There is even a trend for Sub-institution groups to work collaboratively with recognized institutions such as the contracting out of BUNTEP programs. The world of higher knowledge is at their command.   
As for the future, Southeast Student Services (S.E.S.S.) sincerely feels that there is a strong need for networking and in keeping lines of communication and negotiation, open so that specialized training can result. The challenge today is to maintain positive working relationships with all SERDC First Nations Chiefs & Councils, Local Education Committees, Home & School committees, Home Placement Parents, INAC Administrators, and Post-Secondary personnel, all in the spirit of professional cooperation for the sake of the student –our future leaders.   
Southeast Student Services (S.E.S.S.) cannot stress enough, the importance of a well-devised strategy that graduate can look forward to at the community / First Nation / and Tribal Council level for permanent placement upon successful completion of their studies.  It cannot be emphasized enough that Southeast Graduates need to become employed with the recognition and support of their respective First Nations, even if it means committing themselves to intern in their home communities for a designated time.   
Staff of Southeast Student Services
Manager:  Richard Grisdale  
Richard Grisdale, acts as the Manager/ Education Counselor for the Southeast Student Services (S.E.S.S.). He is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the office and the overall budgetary affairs, of the program and oversees all aspects of the University and College Entrance Program. His role is to assist students in making all necessary arrangements for the academic years such as course selection, purchase of supplies and equipment, long-term career planning, tutorial requirements, House Parent and Institution selection, and any other special services that student may require.  
Richard works extremely close with all academic instruction, ensuring maximum supervision and communication is provided on behalf of all students, He also supervises all staff and maintains direct dialogue with the Southeast Tribal Council, / Chiefs and Council, Southeast School Board, Southeast Education Centre, INAC and the Local School Committees.  In addition to arranging all student orientations and encouraging students to attend career fairs, and symposiums, Richard also attends as many graduations of the students that he can. His greatest reward is to see his students graduate and to take their rightful place in society!  
Gloria Roy, Financial Clerk  
Gloria Roy, Financial Clerk for the Southeast Student Services, joined the organization on January 15, 2002 after having successfully completed at term as Summer Student the previous year.  A member of the Berens River First Nation, Gloria spends much of her life growing up in Winnipeg and Calgary. She attended Kildonan East Regional Secondary School, completing her Grade 11 and part of her Grade 12 with a Business Major and Computer Skills. She went on to complete her Grand 12 at The Collegiate, University of Winnipeg, obtaining pre-requisites for her Bachelor of Science in Business Computing. In September 2005, Gloria graduated from the Southeast Finance Manager’s Training Project offered by Jim Penner & Company.   
As Financial Clerk, Gloria is responsible for all payables, student allowances, accounts receivables, administration billings including student tuition fees. She assists in the preparation of budgets and reports on post-secondary information relating to Finance, the Auditors and SERDC, as required.  Gloria assumes overall office supervisory duties in the absence of the Manager and Senior Counselor. She assists in drafting letters and memos, setting up various functions an events, recording minutes of meetings and assisting in receptionist duties. Her interests include cats, shopping and dining out. Although Gloria enjoys the challenge of a busy office environment, she looks forward to rare opportunities of rest and relaxation. She is a proud mother of 21-month-old Ayden.   
Yvonne Bruce, Receptionist/ Administrative Assistant   
Yvonne Bruce, Reception/ Administrative Assistant for the Southeast Student Services (S.E.S.S) is a member of the Poplar River First Nation and a graduate of the Anokiiwin Training Institute, earning an Honours diploma as an Administrative Assistant. Yvonne brings a wealth of experience in administrative and clerical duties to her position, as well as excellent customer relations and communication skills. She is also skilled in a variety of computer programs, making her ideally suited for her role in Student Services. 
Yvonne’s duties include; receiving students and guests, transferring calls, typing memos, letters, reports, agendas, and pay lists. She assists in the completion of UPT/UCEP college forms, withdrawals forms, income tax forms, termination of sponsorship forms, and confirmation of sponsorship/derferrals. She is also responsible for the filing of students reports cheque copies, purchase orders, accounts payable, recording incoming and outgoing mail, as well as photocopying and filing of all correspondence and maintaining all files in current order.   
Yvonne is in charge of ordering all office supplies, making monthly deposits of student allowance cheques, dropping off correspondence at respective vendors, and maintains the office in good order. She also attends student graduation ceremonies on behalf of Southeast Student Services. Yvonne is the first from family of ten siblings to graduate with a high school diploma. She stresses that obtaining her education has opened doors for her in more ways than she can imagine. Yvonne thoroughly enjoys being of service to the students she meets!    
  • Be a registered member of a First Nation in the Southeast Resource Development Council.Present a Letter of Acceptance from an education institution to a Southeast Education Counselor.Application forms can be obtained from your Home School Counselor or from the Education Counselor at Southeast Student Services (SESS).

All application must be submitted to an Education Counselor at Southeast Student Services, 200-208 Edmonton Avenue, Winnipeg, MB.

Deadline for all Application is April 30.
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