Advisory Services

Southeast Resource Development Council provides the following Advisory and Technical Services to our eight member First Nations                                                               

Social Services

Kitty Keeper, Social Development Advisor 

Kitty has a Bachelor of Social Work Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Manitoba. Kitty has been a Social Development Advisor for SERDC for the past 14 years providing advice, support and training on administration of INAC’s social development programs.  Kitty has worked with the 9 SERDC First Nation communities as well as government agencies and other Aboriginal organizations. She also belongs to the Social Development Advisors Technical Working Group with other Social Development Advisors from each of the 7 Manitoba Tribal Councils and other representatives along with other-independent First Nation representatives. 

Membership Services

Betsy Kematch - Membership Coordinator

Betsy has been in Band Membership / Registration Program for the past 35 years.  She maintains and updates the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Indian Register for the SERDC First Nation members.  She registers new babies and records populations statistics for each of the SERDC communities.  She also issues Indian Status cards and processes band member transfers, marriages, divorces and Bill C-31.

Betsy visits each of the SERDC communities on a regular basis to register babies and issue status cards to the band members. 

Status card update:  As of May 3, 2011 Indian and Northern Affairs Canada will start to issue the new Secure Certificate of Indian Status.  To find out more details and information about requirements for the new cards, please go to or view the attached poster.

Financial Advisory Services

Margaret Bushie / Kim Sinclair, Financial Advisors

Margaret and Kim provide assistance in the financial administration for the SERDC member First Nations financial staff and leadership. They assist the First Nation in maintaining accounting systems & procedures. The main goals of the finan­cial advisory is as follows:

  • Increase percentage of unqualified audits in SERDC region;
  • Improve internal control at the First Nation level, including supporting documentation, financial regulation and fixed asset control;
  • Effective system development designed to improve First Nation management with useful and timely information;
  • Improve quality of audit reports, and the achievement of professional and self-improvement goals for First Nation staff. 

Environmental Health Advisory Services

Shaun Miles / Mike Fontaine, Environmental Health Advisors 

Shaun and Mike provide advice, guidance, education, public health inspections and recommendations to SERDC First Nations and their leadership to help them manage public health risks associated with the environment.  They gather data required to analyze what steps can be taken to promote public health in SERDC First Nation communities.

The Environmental Health Program includes: Drinking Water; Food Safety; Health & Housing; Wastewater; Solid Waste Disposal; Facility Inspections; Communicable Disease Control and Environmental Contaminants.

They visit communities regularly to do inspections, investigations and provide education and training sessions.  Other activities are completed as required, upon request of Chiefs and Councils.

Technical Unit

The main services the technical unit provides is community planning and technical services.

Community Planning 

The objective is to promote sustainable social, economic and physical development in First Nation communities by assisting, advising and training member First Na­tions in a broad range of community activities such as:

Formulation, planning. implementing and maintaining community development strategies;

Producing and/or analyzing studies, inventories, social analysis, impact assess­ments on the  development and use of the community resources; and

Building human resource capacity. 

Technical Services

The purpose in technical services is to build capacity, provide economies of scale and improve the quality of life for First Nation communities by assisting, advising and training member First Nations in a broad range of technical services activities such as:

  • Planning, designing, managing, operating, and maintaining community facili­ties and infrastructure;
  • Develop five-year plans for technical services;
  • Apply policies, standards, codes and regulations for technical services;
  • Capacity building with professional associations and governments;
  • Coordinating training and development programs, staff selection and recruit­ment: and providing risk management. engineering services, special programs. Inspections for CMHC Sec 95, RRAP and commercial buildings;
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.

Technical Staff

Sidney Seymour, Engineer

Jennifer Cook, Technical Advisor

Henry Hildebrand, Capital/Housing Advisor

Arnold Mitchell, Capital/Housing Advisor

Todd Barker, Maintenance Coordinator

Gail Seymour, Administrative Assistant

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