Little Grand Rapids


 Little Grand Rapids, Manitoba
R0B 0V0
Phone: (204) 397-2264
Fax: (204) 397-2340

  • Location: 268 air kilometers northeast of Winnipeg, on the shores of Family Lake near the Manitoba/ Ontario border. The reserve is spread out over an eight kilometer stretch along the lake shore.
  • Reserve: I.R. No. 14
  • Area: 4,956 acres
  • Language: Anishiinabe
  • Economic Base: Fishing, trappiing and seasonal rice harvesting
  • Population:
    • On-reserve - 938
    • Off-reserve - 170
    • Total Population - 1,108 (as of Dec. 31, 1996)
  • Transportation: There is a 3000 foot airstrip on provincial crown land across the lake from Little Grand Rapids. Access from the airport is restricetd to boat or float plane during the summer months. Diring the winter, the community can be accessed by snow machine or vehicle over the ice. During the freeze up and spring thaw the site is only accessible by helicopter. There is no permanent access road. Winter roads are constructed to Pine Dock and Bloodvein. Pine Dock is accessible by all weather road via PHT #234.

Commercial Businesses and/or Services:

  • Nig-Gig Ventures/ Construction
  • Enil Keeper's Pool Hall
  • Peggy Tracy's Pool Hall
  • St. Aire
  • Trace Air Service
  • J.J. Leveque General Store
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